September 8, 2016


What I enjoy about photography the most is being able to show people things from your point of view. But since a camera lens doesn't always capture everything as bright and colorful as you perceive them, playing around with various editing softwares is fun too. Usually when I edit photos I keep the adjustments and retouching very minimal, but enhancing colors and lighting is something I usually never skip. Of course I try to use natural light and various lighting tricks when I first take the photos, but more often than not I feel like the photos look even better after a little editing. The same thing goes for videos. I love filming and capturing moments with my camera, but editing the clips and putting them together is my favorite part about the whole process. Seeing everything come together after you've had a vision of it in your head is very rewarding. But after looking through some of the photos I took of my beautiful sister, I realised that editing is not always necessary. I tried editing some of these shots but most of them looked better when they were left as their original, unedited versions. I feel most comfortable taking photos when I'm taking them with my own camera and using my own lenses since I know how they react to different lighting and how adjusting the settings changes the outcome. But these photos are taken with Nella's camera, and for me it was interesting to see the small differences in photos and the lighting in them when they're taken with a similar, but still slightly different camera.

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