June 21, 2016

my favorite places i've traveled to

I've been extremely lucky to have visited so many incredible places in my life, and even though I still have a long list of places I'd love to explore, I thought I'd share some of my favorite places I've been to so far. This is a very short list compared to all the beautiful places I've seen, but I have a few other blog posts planned where some of the places I didn't mention now will make an appearance. But here are 7 places I fell in love with:


Obviously I had to mention my most recent home. I love how different parts of the city have a completely different vibe from one another and how social and friendly everyone is. I also love the busy big city life it has as well as all the beautiful beaches. A more in depth blog post of Sydney will definitely be coming up soon.


Dubai is such a beautiful place. There aren't that many cities where you can be completely consumed by the big city life and then being able to take a short drive to the middle of a desert. The breathtaking sunsets, tall buildings, and huge malls with aquariums and skiing slopes will leave you speechless. It's also a good place to try camel riding ;) haha.


I'm pretty sure that out of all the places I've visited so far, Hawaii resembles paradise the most. In real life it looks exactly like all the photos you've seen of it, if not more beautiful. The turquoise water, the palm trees, the sunsets, and everything else there is very picturesque. Also the atmosphere there is so amazing, you won't be able to stop smiling for the entire time you're there.


It had always been my dream to visit Italy and it was just as you'd imagine it; beautiful scenery, great food, great wine, and nice people. There are so many places in Italy I have yet to visit that I will definitely try to explore at some point in my life, but even after only seeing Lake Como and the small towns/villages in that area, I've already managed to fall in love with Italy.


A few years ago we went on a roadtrip from San Francisco to Los Angeles and the scenery was incredible and the sunsets would never disappoint you. The hastiness in the cities in California is pretty overwhelming but it's a place I think everyone should try to visit at least once to get a more realistic picture of it after seeing so many movies and tv shows that have been filmed there. Renting a car there is a must though, getting around otherwise is a challenge.


There are so many famous tourist-y things to see and do in the city of love, and it's really fascinating to see the hundreds of beautiful photos you've seen of Paris come to life. I really liked the cafe scene there, ranging from small cute coffee shops to extremely fancy cafes where Audrey Hepburn used to hang out. People watching is also really fun in Paris, it's pretty astounding how many well-dressed people can fit into one city.


Such a beautiful place to relax for a few days, snorkel, or enjoy crazy beach parties with jump ropes set on fire. Phi Phi is also packed with travelers all year round so it's a good place to meet other like-minded people with the shared interest of seeing the world and trying new things. 

All of the photos above are my own.

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