April 11, 2016


I think the main reason Nicole loves me is because whenever I decide to play around with my camera when she's around the photos turn out something like this. Having a flawless best friend is pretty great when you're a photo-taking freak like I am haha.
Living on Bondi Beach has been amazing since I discover something new every day that makes me fall in love with this city/country even more. Finding places like this 2 minutes away from my house just convinces me more and more that moving to Australia might've just been the best decision I've ever made. So hey mom if you're reading this: good luck trying to drag me back to Finland hahaha.
I finally got a job and started working a few days after my last Australia update and that has been so much fun as well. My work place is incredible, the vibe and feeling there are always fantastic and the people I work with are amazing as well. My current daily routine here usually consists of me drinking coffee and having breakfast on our rooftop terrace, going to the beach/seeing friends/going to the beach with friends, going to work (and eating the best burgers I've had in my life), and then coming back home to chill on the roof with a few friends and maybe having a drink (or 2) before going to bed. I can't really complain about my current lifestyle. The only thing that could possibly make living here even better would be having my friends and family from Finland come here as well. Then I would definitely stay here forever.

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