March 9, 2016


Hi Friends!
Time has gone by really quickly as I've tried hard to get everything sorted out here, but I thought it was about time for me to make a proper blog post about what's been going on in my life.
If I remember correctly I left Finland on the 21st on January and spent a little bit over 3 weeks in Thailand with my dad. Nicole came to Bangkok the same day as I did and I got to spend 5 amazing days there with my best friend before she continued conquering Asia with a few of our other friends. In Thailand I went to the gym and pool everyday and saw a few of my friends (and made new ones) before I properly started planning stuff for Australia.
The day before I was supposed to fly to Sydney I saw my mom who was there for a 1-day work trip. When I was heading back home I slipped on oil that was all over a dark sidewalk and broke my foot. I couldn't put any weight on my foot at first and I did a bad job at trying to hold in tears caused by the pain so it was clear that there was no way I could leave the next day. But I'm so stubborn when it comes to things like that so I flew to Sydney the day after that haha. 2 big suitcases, 1 smaller suitcase, 1 big carryon bag and a broken foot. That was my travel company on the worst flight of my life. But that's not too relevant right now.
I arrived in Sydney around 7-8 am on Valentine's Day, and somehow managed to find my way to our house in Bondi. It was a share house where my friend Alexandra and I shared a room, and there were 3 other people living in that house. I mostly just slept for the first few days since I was so jetlagged and exhausted from traveling. We were supposed to live there until the 8th of March, but for some reason the girl whose room we were renting out decided to come back home early and kicked us out with one day's notice. So I only spent 2 nights at that house.
We checked into a hostel on that Tuesday and stayed there for 3 nights, and during all the days we spent there we were on our laptops or phones looking for apartments. I knew one girl from Australia so I messaged her asking for help and advice on finding a place to stay in Sydney and she said that we're welcome to come stay with her until we find something, so on that Friday Alexandra and I moved in with Cass and we've been here for almost 3 weeks now.
During the time that we've been staying in Camperdown with Cass we've been searching for apartments in Bondi Beach and I've also been looking for a job either somewhere in Bondi or in the city. I've also managed to get myself a local phone number, a local bank account, tax file number, medicare card, etc. And I've finally started learning my way around Sydney haha. We also finally found a place to stay in Bondi and we're moving there this Sunday, so the 13th of March I think. The only thing I still have yet to get done is find a job, but yesterday I walked around Bondi for a few hours handing out resumes to various places so let's hope that I find something soon. My foot is almost healed as well, I never got myself to the doctor (it took me a while to finally get the medicare card sorted out...) but it has felt the same as it did when I broke my foot almost 2 years ago but luckily it's almost better again. I might be able to start running again once we move to Bondi and that makes me really excited haha.
What else... OH YEAH NICOLE IS COMING TO SYDNEY IN 8 DAYS!! That was a pretty spontaneous decision but I'm sure Australia will be a great ending to her 4 month world traveling haha. And I'm so excited to see my best friend again. After her trip here we've visited 4 continents together and that is really exciting as well. And I'm starting to look tan for the first time in my life which is a huge thing for me because I'm always pale and usually burn 2 minutes after being in the sun.
I think that's all I had in mind now. Just to sum it up: everything's going well, still no luck with jobs yet, moving to Bondi this weekend. Once I get a job and get into some kind of routine I will be able to update you guys more and start working on photos and videos again. Everything is still pretty new and exciting and hectic but Sydney is starting to feel like home already anyways. And I don't have any trouble understanding Australian accents anymore so I'm able to have normal conversations with people again haha. But yeah. LIFE IS GOOD

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