January 15, 2016


In a few days I will be going on a whole new adventure, and like always I'm letting you all tag along. More photos, more videos, new people, and new surroundings. I will be making my long time dream a reality and heading to Australia with a one-way ticket and a working holiday visa. I'm taking a huge chance and moving to a place I've visited maybe once or twice as a little girl.
There's no better way to start a new year than in a new place with an open mind and a new perspective. 2015 definitely had its ups and downs and it was one of the hardest years of my life, if not the hardest. I have many bad habits I need to break and a very deep comfort zone that I desperately need to jump out of. I have people I need to let go of and so many people I have yet to meet. I visited many beautiful places last year that I had never been to before and there are still so many incredible places I have yet to discover. I have always been jealous of people with the courage to make big life changes and choices, and now i'm taking a huge leap of faith and doing something extremely different than I'm used to. I'm very lucky and so happy to have the opportunity to do something like this, and I am so excited that I'm doing this just for myself. I have been planning this for a long time and now it's finally becoming a reality.
Once again I'm moving to a place far away from many important people in my life so this blog will be the best way for me to keep everyone updated. I have finally the right kind of motivation and inspiration to bring this blog back to life again and I hope that you all will be interested in joining me on this crazy adventure.

Only a few more days to go. Stay tuned :)

PS. We filmed that video 3 weeks ago in -20°C weather and it's very different compared to my other videos so I was really nervous about posting it, but I really hope that you all enjoy it.


  1. Anonymous18/1/16 22:31

    Sun videot on tosi hienoja! Miten opit editoimaan noin hyvin? Ite en tajuu siitä hommasta mitää vaikka kuinka yrittäisin haha

    1. haha voi kiitos :) itekki harjottelen vielä, jonkin verran on tullut noita videoita julkastuu nyt nii kyl siin pikkuhiljaa oppii käyttää noita ohjelmii ja sen eri juttui paremmin. mulle ainki paras tapa oppii on vaa tekemällä haha

  2. Anonymous27/4/16 00:34

    Terve Nea and greetings from Poland :) I just came across your videos on youtube, by accident really (i think it was the thailand trip one) and watched all of them! and of course I'm leaving a comment to make your day, because you just did mine <3 you are exactly what i needed today, you made me rethink my life and what i want to do. Loved the fresh start video, i was watching and thinking "it's me, I am the same" and now thinking that i need my own "fresh start" :) so thank you for that :) hope you will post more soon :) hope everything is great :) and thank you :) and sorry if my english is not understandable, i tried my best ;) all the best, Anna

    1. Hi!! :) I only now saw your comment and it seriously just made my day, I really needed that today so I can't stop smiling now haha. I will try to film and post more videos once I have more free time from work, but I'm so happy you enjoyed what I have created so far! And your english is really good no worries :)


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