July 14, 2015


Our wifi has been down for a while and we're still trying to figure out what the problem is and trying to fix it with Isa so I'm blogging from my phone now and i hate this haha. I don't know how this post will turn out or what it will look like so I'll keep it short. Hopefully I'll be able to get photos from this summer up on the blog soon, and there is a lot more to come since I'm heading for a weekend trip to Italy this weekend. And a video from that trip might be happening too if the weather is on my side and I feel like carrying my camera around. And once i find some free time, some of my friends and I have a few video ideas we're trying to get to asap so by the end of summer I will have a lot of content to share with you all. Be patient with me, even though I might be the most impatient person on earth I'm trying to do the same haha.

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