May 25, 2015

back at it

The days are slowly getting warmer and that means that my camera is finally coming out of hibernation and my inspiration is slowly but surely growing when it comes to photography and video making. I already have a lot of footage in both areas and I can't wait to share them with you all. And I've already started working on a few projects that I will hopefully finish this summer. These few months have gone by extremely fast but it also feels like that winter lasted forever. I have 2 weeks off work now and I am beyond excited to use my free time to do exciting things. Tomorrow I have an entrance exam to one school I spontaneously applied to, but since I had already accepted that I will have another gap year ahead due to my lack of clear future plans, my motivation isn't that high. But I got the opportunity to go take the exam so tomorrow morning I will show up and see how that goes. But in a few days I'll be heading to America for my sister's graduation in Indiana, and to visit my friends and host family in Kentucky. That trip is so close and I am beyond excited to go back to my second home in a few short days. And no worries, my camera is tagging along too ;)
Even though my last post was almost 4 months ago, it is incredible that so many of you have still checked up on this page and stayed connected by commenting on older blog posts, instagram photos or old videos. Speaking of videos, I apparently never posted the video I made for my Youtube channel as a "trailer" on my blog, so why not do it now? Haha if you haven't seen it here it is:

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