December 2, 2014

turning 20 & NEW VIDEO

So my birthday arrived and passed and I guess I'm 20 now...
Yesterday was pretty relaxed and even though doing a bunch of things on your birthday is always fun, I think a chill day was exactly what I needed after a weekend of celebrating and after weeks and weeks of morning shifts at work. I spontaneously decided to film a video in the afternoon, and since my sleep schedule is slightly messed up I managed to edit it and upload it last night, so it will be linked below. Nicole came over in the evening and later I had dinner with her, Isa, and my family, which was really nice as well.
I wish I could say that now I'm a year older and wiser, but the wiser part is still missing since I am still just as lost as I was 2 days ago haha. But I guess there's nothing wrong with that, right? But figuring out what I want to do and applying to schools is #1 on my current to-do list.
But here's the video I mentioned, I still feel a little awkward talking to a camera but the more I do it the more comfortable I feel and the less I keep glancing at the flip screen that I use to check that I am in frame. I also apologize for the awkward beginning, I don't even know why that clip is there since I thought I edited it out. But I am too lazy to delete the video, make a small edit and go through the super long uploading process again, so oh well. Now you all know how awkward I feel and look when starting a video.

And I also wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who remembered my birthday and either messaged me or called me yesterday, it really means a lot to me and you all made my day feel really special. Hopefully being 20 will be the best year yet :) And since it is December it is finally socially acceptable to start listening to Christmas music (sorry Isa) and counting down days until Christmas and I am oh so very excited!! I can't be the only one in full on holiday spirit already, can I?


  1. Anonymous3/12/14 17:05

    YOU ARE SO CUTE AND PRETTY!!! And Happy Birthday :-)


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