December 6, 2014


It seems as though summer days fly by as fast as shooting stars. As cliche as that may sound, it's true. One day you wake up to the sound of seagulls and to the sunlight creeping in through your window, and in a blink of an eye leaves have turned orange like those summer sunsets and are slowly descending to the chilling ground.
Summer is the favorite season of many people for innumerous reasons. No school. Ice cream. Tanning. Swimming in the ocean. Romance. Festivals. Summer cottages. Grill parties... Everything just seems better in the summer. But my favorite thing about summer is the people I get to spend it with. As we grow older our paths start to lead us in different directions and the older we get the further away those paths take us from each other. But for those few short months in the middle of each year, our paths meet and those are the moments we all wish we could relive and go back to in the middle of the cold winter. It's only December but I feel as if we're all on our way to our mutual crossing point already. Maybe it's because I'm looking at all of your faces in these photographs from last summer, but even though we are all currently spread out across the world, I currently feel as if you all are right here with me.

6 months to go.


  1. babyyyyyyy this made me miss everyone so much :(

  2. Anonymous7/12/14 20:26

    mistä toi nimi tulee? :)

    1. viime kesänä tosta jotenkin tuli ton meijän porukan inside joke, en muista tarkemmin mistä toi lähti mutta mun oli pakko laittaa se tän postauksen otsikoks sen takia haha.


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