November 27, 2014


I think this is the moment I've been waiting for. As probably all of you reading this might notice, my blogging has not been very consistent recently. Why? Because I haven't been feeling inspired at all. I've had absolutely nothing to say, which is pretty rare for me if you know me in person. This break has not been intentional, but I guess I kinda forgot about the existence of this page. But even though I've been extremely MIA here, my mind has been making up for the lost time and the amount of things that have been going on in my head has been extremely overwhelming. And the thing that has always helped me solve out my thoughts has been writing. And for some reason, I thoroughly enjoy sharing my thoughts with people, and in this case you all. Even if it's just one person or my parents (hi mom and dad) who still continuously check up on me here, there has always been someone who has been listening to what I have to say here by reading my pointless rambles about my life. And having someone listen or read what you have to say is a really good feeling.
But as I said, I feel inspired now. I have been gathering up thoughts and jotting them down in various places and when my laptop died and my charger broke a few days ago I had a mini panic attack and the first thing that crossed my mind was how on earth am I gonna be able to blog now. That's when I realized I have to get back into this. Blogging has always made me happy and I wanna keep doing it, even if I sometimes have those short (or longer) breaks from it. Those breaks have happened quite often recently but everytime something fun or exciting happens in my life this is the first place I wanna share it on. And I bought a new charger for my laptop today so I am very happy now.
My camera has gathered a nice layer of dust during this little virtual silence of mine, but everytime I look through old pictures I think about how much I miss taking pictures. And how much I hate winter because I can't stay outside for too long with my camera without feeling like my fingers are gonna freeze and fall off and without being scared that the cold is gonna break my camera. But I also noticed that I have a lot of things I haven't written about and a lot of pictures I have yet to post and I will get to that right away.
I hope that even though I have honestly been the worst blogger in the history of the world that some of you still have some interest in hearing what I have to say and will continue on this little journey I call my awful blogging career haha. I am currently working on 2 or 3 additional blog posts so I can promise you there will be new content very, very soon.
But lets see how this goes this time around :) Hopefully this inspiration and motivation will last for a longer period this time.


  1. I am so glad you are back blogging again! I've missed you! So excited for those new blog posts! :D x


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