November 30, 2014

bucket list

I have always thought that people have their lives together or somewhat planned out in their 20's, but there is no way I can figure anything out by tomorrow. Yes, I turn 20 tomorrow. And that is slightly stressing me out.
Most of you reading this, especially if you're older than me, are probably thinking that I'm stressing out over nothing. And maybe I am, but ever since I was a little girl 20 has always seemed like an age that is so far ahead in the future for me, so I feel a little strange that as of tomorrow I will be in my 20's. I had always thought that when I'm 20 I will know exactly what I want to do with the rest of my short time on this earth. I thought that everyone in their 20's is getting a good education, working in their dream job, or are getting ready to settle down. All of that still seems so distant to me.
There are so many things I thought I would do or accomplish during my gap year, and now that it's already half way through, I feel very stressed and a little disappointed. Of course I have done a bunch of stuff I have always dreamed about doing like making a trip to surprise people I love and moving out, but I have so many other things still on my to-do list, and I've only managed to complete a very small percentage of them. Instead of taking time off just for myself and letting myself figure out what I want to do, I've tried to please as many people as I can and make them happy. And I feel like all I've been doing is waking up after a few hours of sleep and dragging myself to work still half-asleep. And even though I get paid to do that which allows me to live alone and buy things that make me happy, that's not all that I want to do during this year. So I've been writing things down in the form of a bucket list. Not that I have to complete every single thing on this list by next summer, but just overall complete as many of these in my life as I possibly can. Here's what I have written down so far:

- Skydive
- Learn to cook/bake
- See the Northern Lights
- Apply and get into an university
- Witness a miracle, any miracle
- Learn to drive and finally get my license
- Ride in a hot air balloon
- Ride a camel
- Move into (and possibly design) my dream house
- Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
- Visit Dubai
- Go to Coachella
- Roadtrip through USA with my best friends
- Go to the movies alone, even just once
- Get married
- Visit Egypt and see the pyramids
- Bungee jump
- Get tickets to the Ellen Degeneres show
- Backpack through Europe
- Ride in a helicopter
- Fall in love
- Find Nemo and P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
- Learn Spanish fluently
- Spend New Year's in Times Square
- Travel around the world and set foot in all 7 continents
- Visit all 50 states
- Finish creating my bucket list and complete each task

As I have been writing this list, I have also realized that even though turning 20 slightly terrifies me, I still have so many amazing things ahead of me. Even if most of the things on that list sound very cliche or just plain stupid haha. But the fact that I don't know what I want to do yet allows me a lot more opportunities to choose from. There is a quote that says "nothing will ruin your 20's more than thinking you should have your life together already" and I am slowly starting to understand it. Whoever wrote that, thank you.

PS. 2,5 hours left.


  1. Hey! so i have to tell you. I was on an exchange aswell, and my hostmother used to say this at all times > there is no need to wait for a miracle, you can see them everyday :) If you think about it. The colors of the leaves changing color or the flowers that are as colorful as some kids drawings.. I mean really? To find a miracle, all we have to do is look

    1. Haha you are so right!! I guess I can basically check that one off already :)

  2. Tykkäätkö sun työstä ja onks se stressaavaa/vaikeeta? Mul on itelläni ihan hirvee työahdistus enkä oikee tiiä mis jaksaisin olla töis mun välivuoden ajan :(
    Onks sul jotain suunnitelmii et haetko nyt kevääl opiskelemaa? Haluisitko jäädä Suomee? :)

    1. Aina on hyvii ja huonoi päivii, mutta kyllä mua alkaa pikkuhiljaa sama rutiini kyllästyttää, varsinkin kun oon ollut samassa paikassa jo reilun vuoden töissä. Ja haluisin ehdottomasti lähtee jonnekkin opiskelemaan mutta en tiiä vielä minne haen ja kohta pitäis sekin olla selvillä... Ja se stressaa!! Haen ulkomaille ainakin mutta mahdollisesti Suomeen myös :) Mutta sanaa "ulkomaille" en pysty vielä tarkentaa yhtään... Ääääää

  3. Dubai ja kamelilla ratsastus on helppo check off ;) ja opiskelupaikka : haet tänne, hankitaan kämppä yhdessä ja live the canadian life w meee

    1. Hahaha soon ;) ja kuulostaa kyl vähä tempting........

  4. OMG I SWEAR EVERYTHING ON THERE IS MY BUCKETLIST . In fact the only thing you missed was win a nobel prize...Not trying to be a poser nut, It just astounds me how to people living almost parallel lives can have such absolute EXACT interests. Nea Your a cool person :)

    1. hahaha that is so awesome!! and you must be pretty cool then yourself too ;) haha


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