October 24, 2014

VIDEO // surprise trip to america

I filmed the beginning and ending of the video a few weeks ago so no, I'm not in America anymore and yes I posted this after I got back to Finland haha. I didn't have a charger for my laptop and my computer died so I just now got around to editing the video, but because of awful jet lag I didn't feel like filming another ending for the video and I wanted to get the video up quickly.
I pressed the record button after Mary-Scott had seen me because as I mentioned in my previous blog post that I forgot to press it before they came into the room. But oh well, I'm sure the audio makes her reaction pretty clear haha. And I am still extremely awkward when speaking directly to a camera, sorry about that.
But to summarize what happened; the trip went very well, Emma and Mary-Scott had no idea I was coming, I also visited (and surprised) my sister, 2 weeks went by super quickly, and I am now back in Finland.

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