October 14, 2014

spontaneous trip to america

A blogpost as short as this is very rare for me, but I just thought I would update you all quickly! I'm currently in Kentucky visiting my friends but I'm coming back to Finland in a week. That is one reason why I've been slightly MIA on this page. And I most likely passed my exam so that is a huge relief and that makes me really happy. The reason why no one really knew about my trip to America is because it was surprise and I wanted to make a video out of it, but I guess we'll see how well that works out because I had my camera set up when I surprised one of my friends but somehow I FORGOT TO PRESS RECORD AND THAT MAKES ME SO SAD. I can't get over that because I just feel so stupid haha. But I had my phone filming and my host sister Jodi was filming as well but neither of our phones were pointing where they were supposed to so that kinda failed hahaha. But let's see if I can still save that little project with a little editing! Oh and this was one of the video projects I mentioned in my previous blog post. But now I will get off my laptop and go back to enjoying the company of my friends in the States and my next blogpost will probably be on the video I just told you all about. So stay tuned... :)

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