September 22, 2014

it's been a while

Long time no write!
My days have recently all consisted of either being sick or going to work, so I haven't really done anything interesting recently that you all would be interested in hearing about. And even though nothing too interesting has happened now, I thought it was time to update you all on something at least haha.
I'm retaking the math matriculation exam on wednesday, and I am so nervous and stressed. I feel like none of the stuff stays in my head and that studying is pointless because I feel like it has no effect on anything. And that is not a good thing at all, as I desperately need to get a better grade on it. But obviously I'm going to try my best, but I'm scared that it won't be enough. Which sucks.
I'm working on a few video projects, I have quite a lot of footage for the first one and I will focus on getting that done once my exam is over. I can't tell you all about the second one yet, but it's really exciting (for me at least) and I have started planning that already as well. I have something really exciting coming up soon (relating to the video) and I've never done something like this before so it's really hard for me to contain my excitement. Those who have been reading my blog for a longer time will understand why 100% once I'm able to write about it here, and it is exactly what I need after all of this stress and anxiety caused by this exam. Just bear with me with this one, I have a feeling it will be amazing :)
Most of my friends have left and some have blogs that they write (in Finnish), so if any of you are interested, I will link them below!

Tua is studying in Toronto right now, and you can find her blog HERE.

Unna and Sanna are doing volunteer work in Tanzania, you can find their blog HERE.

Oh and while I'm on this little linking rampage, you can find my youtube channel HERE. I recently hit 1,000 subscribers which is really bizarre but beyond amazing and I still don't know how to react to that haha. I have started uploading more videos there, and some of those videos I will probably never publish here, so if anyone's interested, you are more than welcome to go watch them and don't forget to subscribe while you're there ;) Here is one example of a video we did with Nicole a few weeks ago! We decided to hop on the bandwagon and do one of those tags that a lot of youtubers do but we changed it up a bit and made it our own version. We are very embarrassing but we had a lot of fun filming it so I hope you all enjoy it :)

You can also click the little button under my face on the sidebar of my blog to subscribe :)


  1. Anonymous24/9/14 01:30

    Millä muokkaat sun videoita ja onks se ohjelma maksullinen? :) Sika kiva blogi & youtube!

    1. Oon käyttänyt vaan iMoviee joka oli mun koneessa jo valmiiks :) kiitos paljon!!

  2. Anonymous24/9/14 01:49

    Tiedätkö et saaks spotifyn kautta jotenkin musiikkii videolle? Vai mistä sä otat ne biisit :)

    1. Ite oon ladannut royalty free sivuilta "taustamusiikkia", en muista tarkalleen miltä kuitenkaan... Spotifysta en tiiä saaks sen kautta laitettuu, jos saat tietää ilmota mullekki ihmees :)

  3. Anonymous29/9/14 22:59

    Haluaisitko lähteä au pairiksi? :)

    1. Mietin joskus tosissaan että lähtisin nyt välivuotena au pairiksi mutta nyt on vähän myöhäistä sille haha. Ja tää välivuosi nyt jo vähän turhauttaa niin en usko että toista välivuotta tarkotuksella ainakaan pidän mutta ois se voinu olla ihan siistii! :)


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