July 2, 2014


My roommate Isa left for Hong Kong almost a week ago and she will be there for a few more weeks, and I feel a little lost without her here haha. I had gotten so used to having one of my best friends waiting for me at home when I got back from work for example so now I feel a little lonely. It's so much fun having a friend there all the time to watch movies and cook with you, but now I've had to do all of that by myself. Thankfully so many of my other friends have made this their second home so I'm rarely alone but still. I'm already waiting for Isa to come back haha. I've been sick for a few days now which really sucks because I'm heading to Turku on Friday morning with a few friends for the Ruisrock music festival. There are some amazing artists there and I seriously can't wait. And we also have VIP tickets which is really exciting as well. I went to the doctor's today and got the rest of the week off from work so hopefully I'll be feeling better by Friday. And the weather is supposed to be good this weekend, fingers crossed that summer will finally come to Finland!
Are any of you going to the music festival? If you see me there, don't hesitate to come say hi! And speaking of that, one very sweet girl recognized me at work last week (I think) and since I was really tired and busy right then I couldn't really stop and chat, so if you're reading this I'm sorry about that, but it made my day anyways and I was smiling for the rest of my shift :)

But onto the topic I was actually going to talk about today! It's crazy to think that it's almost been a month since I moved out. It feels like it just happened, but at the same time I feel like I have lived here forever. This place already feels like home to me, and I wanted to share this lovely place with you all! It's not that extraordinary, but I absolutely love it. And this video isn't that spectacular either, but I hope you enjoy it!

Since Isa is in Hong Kong and hasn't been in her room for a week, I wasn't sure if she wanted me to film there so I left her room out of the video, as well as my walk in closet because it is currently a complete and utter mess. There are still a few things we need to get and I'm in the process of redecorating my room, but I don't think most people would guess we moved here just a few weeks ago because we've managed to get everything done pretty fast. A huge thank you to everyone that helped us make this house our home so quickly :)


  1. Anonymous9/7/14 01:36

    siis aivan ihana toi teidän koti!! täydellinen ensimmäinen oma asunto. ja siun huoneesta huomaa selvästi että oot asunut jenkeissä, joka on tosi siistii mun mielestä :)

    1. kiitos paljon!! mäkin tykkään :) ja haha vähän varmaan joo...


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