July 14, 2014

music favorites

It's been almost 2 months since I last made a post with my "current favorite songs", so I decided that since music plays such a big part of my everyday life that it was time to make another one. I am still obsessed with all the songs in my previous post, which is pretty surprising since I usually get tired of songs really quickly because I replay songs soooooo much after I've discovered them.
And to make everything easier for you all and myself, I didn't start playing around with the HTML code this time, AND I also wrote down the names of each song under each player thing :)

Chocolate - The 1975

Peaches - In The Valley Below
Shattered & Hollow - First Aid Kit
Insane - Flume ft. Moon Holiday
Photograph - Ed Sheeran
Girls - The 1975

Shiner - Indian Summer ft. Ginger & The Ghost

I Was A Fool - Tegan and Sara

Touch - Shura

Settle Down (Young Ruffian Remix) - The 1975

Nirvana - Sam Smith

Oh and if someone's interested in the previous music post I did, you can click HERE to see it :) And i hope that even one person found something new to listen to from this post!
PS. I added a little widget thingy to my YouTube channel onto the sidebar of my blog, you guys should subscribe if you haven't already ;) haha you can also find all of the videos I have ever posted on my blog on that channel!


  1. Anonymous14/7/14 14:47

    rakastan sun musiikkimakua!! ihanaa kun suosittelet tällee biisejä, löydän aina monta uutta hyvää :) jatka näiden postauksien tekoa!


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