May 9, 2014

under the sea

I think these pictures are pretty self-explanatory, so I'm not gonna write a lot about this now. But AHHH. This day was absolutely amazing. We rented a private boat and went snorkeling with colorful little fishies and visited beautiful beaches. We had a GoPro camera with us, so we have a ton of video footage from today, and I seriously can't wait to start editing the video. These pictures are actually screenshots from some of the video clips, so (if I may say so myself) the final video should be really cool.
Last night we got a taste of the night life here in Phi Phi, and oh my god... People here really know how to party. For example, there were limbo and jump rope competitions on the beach, and both the jump rope and limbo pole were ON FIRE. I have some pictures and video footage from last night as well, so I will try to get those edited soon as well. Unfortunately we are leaving Phi Phi Island tomorrow so we didn't get to see that much of the island but these past 2 days have been absolutely amazing. We are going to Patong beach tomorrow and we will spend one night there before heading back to Bangkok.
Phi Phi Island, I will definitely be back soon.


  1. Vau, hienoja kuvia! Varmasti tosi upee kokemus :)

    1. kiitos paljon!! :) ja joooo se oli niiin siistii!!


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