May 3, 2014

Koh Chang

We made a spontaneous trip to an island called Koh Chang and spent 3 nights there. We arrived back to Bangkok late last night so I managed to just upload the other video from Safari World, and I will start editing a short video from Koh Chang soon. The reason I mentioned the word "short" just now is because I forgot to carry a camera around (even though we had 4 cameras with us + our phones) and we didn't really do anything besides lay out by the pool and beach. I tried to take a few videos with my phone but I can't promise that the quality or content of the videos will be good, but I will try to find even a few publishable clips. Like I said, all we really did there was lay out in the sun and even though I did use sunscreen with spf 30, I got really sunburnt the second day and stayed in the shade for the rest of the trip. We switched hotels after 2 nights because we got a better deal from a better hotel, and even though the first hotel was nice, the second one was wayyy nicer. Both hotels were on White Sand Beach and we didn't really wander around the island so that's the area we stayed in for the whole time. We got to see a little bit of the night life there as well, which was a pretty interesting experience haha.
I also mentioned a few posts back, in the beginning of this whole vacation, that I was sick when we arrived in Thailand. And now when I finally started to feel better, I got sick again. Our car ride back from Koh Chang took 9 hours because of traffic and needless to say, I was suffering in the backseat. Hopefully this flu will pass for good soon...
We are heading back to Finland on May 12th, and we still have one more little trip planned during our stay here. And the destination is Phuket/Phi Phi Island! But more on that later ;)
I still haven't edited the other videos I talked about, but the content of those videos probably won't be as interesting/entertaining/etc. as the videos I have now posted and am planning to post asap. But I will work on them as well once I have spare time :)
Thailand will probably soon run out of tissues because I keep getting sick... I seriously have the worst luck in the world when it comes to timing haha. Anyways I hope you all are feeling even a tad bit better than I am!

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