May 2, 2014

Extra Footage from Safari World

I decided to make this video in addition to the previous one from this day, because in this video you can hear what goes on behind the camera and what we were talking about before i muted the audio and added the music. I'm not sure if you guys will find this funny but we found some of the clips absolutely hilarious, and even though i didn't dare to put some of the worst and funniest clips in this, I hope you all will still enjoy this little look into our day at the zoo. And please comment below what you think of this type of video :)

To watch our previous vlogs from this trip, click HERE or check out my recent blog posts.

PS. Nicole does not like birds.
PPS. And sorry for the mixture of Finnish, English, and Finglish.


  1. Anonymous5/5/14 11:29

    I dropped my pizza on the floor when nicole said "we just fed giraffes and they were so.. cuuute!" :'D


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