August 30, 2014

m u s i c // a u g u s t

It's been over a month since my last music post and since my life basically revolves around finding new music and loving it, I decided I would try to start making monthly music posts. So now that August is nearing it's end, here are more songs I've been obsessed with recently!

Rude (Acoustic) - Magic!

Long Drive - Jason Mraz

Gotta Have You - The Weepies

Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran

Fast Car - Boyce Avenue ft. Kina Grannis

Caution To The Wind - Becky Hill

It Is What It Is - Blood Orange

Say You'll Be There - MØ

Runaway - Ed Sheeran

Shadow Flash - Indiana

August 20, 2014

goodbye nona

It's been exactly a week now since my little sister left for America. A WEEK. It honestly terrifies me how fast time is moving.
Of course I am thrilled that Nona decided to follow in my footsteps and spend a year abroad in high school, but it feels really weird to me as well because I feel like I was in her shoes just yesterday. But no. In 4 days it's been exactly three years since I left for my exchange year. THREE YEARS. Three years since I travelled across the world for 27 hours after pulling an all-nighter with a suitcase packed with stuff I would take on a 2 week long vacation. Three years since I first met the people that opened their home to a total stranger and let her become a part of their amazing family. Three years since I met some of the people that have become incredibly close to me and without whom my year would've been really lonely and boring. Three years since I really started changing into the person I am today. I almost can't even recognize myself from the person I was before my exchange year compared to who I am now. Well I might have been slightly exaggerating there but my year abroad honestly helped me in so many ways and I have no idea what I would be like if I hadn't done it. Three years... I feel so old right now.
But now it's my sister's time to experience all of the things I was lucky enough to experience and probably even more. It also kinda scares me how grown up she is already but I am incredibly proud of her and beyond excited to hear about all of her adventures after she has happily listened to all of my rambles about all the things I got to do while I was in Kentucky.
I don't think I've made a blogpost about my exchange year in a very long time, but now I really felt like making this post about things relating to that. This is the time of the year when millions of people go back to school and thousands of people pack up their lives, say goodbye to their friends and family, and take on an adventure that is completely their own. Yes, I am talking about people leaving for their exchange years. I have said stuff like this innumerous times on my blog (mostly in the comment sections of various posts I think) but I felt the need to say something in this blogpost as well. If you have just left for your year abroad, or if you're just about to leave, this is for you. Don't be scared to try new things. Taste new foods, listen to new music, talk to new people, visit new places, and say yes to as many things as you can (keeping common sense in mind of course). Because that is what an exchange year is all about; trying new things. You get a real taste of another culture by diving straight into local people's daily lives, and it is a very interesting thing to experience. It will open your eyes and mind to so many things and you will never look at things the same way. It will not only change your perspective on many things, it will also change you and you will never be the same either. But it's a good type of change. You will grow so much as a person and you will gain so much more self-confidence and so many new relationships/connections with people all around the world, and those are amazing things to bring back home when your exchange year is over. Enjoy every moment, take a lot of pictures, write about all the amazing and not-so-amazing things that happen because you will want to remember as much from that year in the future as possible. And just have fun :) haha.
This fall will be really tough for me because SOOOO many of the people I am really close with are moving away or will be travelling for a long time. And I think this is the first time I'm actually the one staying behind. I feel like most of the time I am the one going and leaving things behind, so this is very weird for me. I am so excited for all the new things my friends are going to see and learn as they head to schools in countries around the world, but at the same time I feel more stressed out because I still have no directions towards the path I'm supposed to take in this life. Luckily I have at least one full year to try my best to enjoy feeling lost and to try and figure out what I want to do or just wait for sudden inspiration and motivation to hit me. Speaking of waiting for motivation to hit me, it would be great if that would happen ASAP because I recently remembered that a few months ago for some indescribably insane reason I decided that it would be smart to retake my math matriculation exam this fall. And that is approaching so rapidly that I am struggling to find time and motivation to start studying for it. Is anyone in the same situation as me? If yes and you happen to have advice for me relating to this or just advice in general, please comment down below because I am on the verge of a mental breakdown.
I can't remember the last time I made a blogpost this long. If you made it this far, you are absolutely amazing and you are a survivor because I kept rambling on and on and I doubt most of the people that opened this website managed to read the whole thing because of that haha. But I guess that's all I have to say for now. Until next time... :)

PS. WHEN DID I SUDDENLY GET OVER 800 SUBSCRIBERS ON YOUTUBE?! That is seriously so crazy. I can't even wrap my head around it. Wow. Just wow. If you're one of those 800, thank you. And wow.

August 15, 2014

next to you

Just a few pictures I took of my beautiful roommate a few weeks ago.

August 12, 2014

RUISROCK 2014 // video

I finally got around to editing and publishing this. Haha here's a little recap of our weekend at the RuisRock music festival about a month ago. Enjoy :)

July 23, 2014

our thailand trip in 3 minutes // video

Most of the people reading this probably already know that Nicole and I took over Thailand a few months ago, and since we took a lot of videos during our trip, I decided to make this video compilation with some of my favorite clips and most memorable moments from the trip. Wow that was a long sentence haha. But obviously we didn't manage to capture all of the amazing things on camera and showing something through a lens rarely does justice to the real thing, but this was definitely one of my favorite vacations of all time. You might recognize some clips in this video that I have featured in other videos, but there are also quite a few clips I hadn't published yet.
Anyways I hope you all have enjoyed getting a little look into our vacation :)

Oh how I wanna go back already.

July 14, 2014

music favorites

It's been almost 2 months since I last made a post with my "current favorite songs", so I decided that since music plays such a big part of my everyday life that it was time to make another one. I am still obsessed with all the songs in my previous post, which is pretty surprising since I usually get tired of songs really quickly because I replay songs soooooo much after I've discovered them.
And to make everything easier for you all and myself, I didn't start playing around with the HTML code this time, AND I also wrote down the names of each song under each player thing :)

Chocolate - The 1975

Peaches - In The Valley Below
Shattered & Hollow - First Aid Kit
Insane - Flume ft. Moon Holiday
Photograph - Ed Sheeran
Girls - The 1975

Shiner - Indian Summer ft. Ginger & The Ghost

I Was A Fool - Tegan and Sara

Touch - Shura

Settle Down (Young Ruffian Remix) - The 1975

Nirvana - Sam Smith

Oh and if someone's interested in the previous music post I did, you can click HERE to see it :) And i hope that even one person found something new to listen to from this post!
PS. I added a little widget thingy to my YouTube channel onto the sidebar of my blog, you guys should subscribe if you haven't already ;) haha you can also find all of the videos I have ever posted on my blog on that channel!